Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Afghanistan hospital bombed by Americans

Written October 7, 2015.

Remember that the excuse for invading Afghanistan was false, meaning the whole war in Afghanistan is the supreme war crime. 
Now, if Americans in the millions woke up to the screaming fact that the World Trade Center was blown up with explosives, there might be some action.

But even on "progressive" sites, few as they are anyway, hardly anyone mentions it or seems to realize that it is the key.

In an aggressive war, all the lesser war crimes are contained within the whole overarching crime of the war itself. Some of these crimes, to give some examples, are bombing of hospitals, mistreating or worse of prisoners, wanton killing of civilians, using inhumane weapons such as depleted uranium and white phosphorus; peeing on dead bodies, cutting off body parts for trophies, etc. I'm sure there are lots more.

This hospital; bombing is awful. It has the sole virtue of just possibly getting enough reaction to make some change, resulting perhaps in some civilian lives not being taken in the future.

But in my opinion, those people, like all the rest of the victims of the U.S. since 9/11, have died in vain if their deaths were supposed to curb American blood lust.

It should also be mentioned whenever news of anything brutal like this comes out that - [sotto voce]- the American 9/11 wars are part of a world crusade, a jihad of "Christians" against all things Islam; in a word, dominionism.

Well, they were right about one thing, or half right. Over a thousand people went up "in the clouds" and were never seen again- except in tiny flecks of DNA and some little bone chips on rooftops.

No one knows where their spirits went.

But just like the prophecy (or the thing believed to be a prophecy in recent years) predicted, a lot of people went up in a big cloud.

You'd think the warmongers, the religious ones I mean, would be overjoyed about that part.

But that would mean admitting that explosives did it. Which is obvious, but the strangest thing has happened: Americans by and large don't want to know.

Americans, by and large, prefer an endless war and a gigantic robbery of the U.S. Treasury.
They don't want to find out they were fooled. War is a better alternative, in this kind of mindset.

There's no excuse for any one of them, either: "We didn't know!" said the Good Germans in 1945. If they didn't- and of course many did- they should have.

If Americans would get on board with the knowledge of what happened, the corruption could be, perhaps, rooted out.

Then again, a civil war might ensue instead. 
The U.S. is too close to a civil war already, with all the mass shooting and other crazy violence.

American foreign policy may not exactly follow, or be directed by the Book of Revelation, but that old text definitely plays a significant, and sinister, part in the U.S. aggression in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the smaller neighboring countries.

As long as Americans continue in the 9/11 illusion and refuse to face facts, incidents such as this terrible bombing of a hospital will continue, along with many, many other criminal killings.

Americans believe, because of their misunderstanding about 9/11, that the wars are necessary and even a matter of honor, and even a matter of self-defense.

In that mood they will tolerate torture (Abu Ghraib); and civilian massacre (Blackwater massacre, Collateral Murder killings).

I have not seen the blood lust, that was awakened on September 11, 2001, diminish much in these fourteen years.

To the extent it has, the people seem to have gone from blood lust to "I don't care, and I don't want to know".

The American people are in the psychology of abuse victims: that is, in powerful denial, because it would hurt too much to wake up.

Subconsciously, if not consciously, everyone who believes in the 9/11 fraud knows this fear of truth in this matter, and so Americans are very much like battered spouses who will fiercely defend the abuser from any third-party criticism.
There are huge differences between skyscrapers falling down and skyscrapers blowing up. I am baffled, every day, by the inability or the unwillingness of my fellow Americans to see this stark difference, and understand what happened that day.

Proof is voluminous and, so far, has shown itself to be irrefutable. It is free, it is comprehensible to anyone with some basic education and life experience, and it is quite accessible.

But- once again- the reality seems to be that Americans don't want to know.

And many will choose to fight anyone who tries to enlighten them on the subject, rather than take a few minutes or an hour to look at the proof.

This is the most astounding mass illusion in my lifetime, and may be the biggest mass illusion in all history.

Consider that. It is not a trivial accomplishment.

The warmongers, the propagandists, the politicians, having seen that such a mass, directed illusion was possible- even pretty easy- will probably not hesitate to make use of the next directed mass illusion, whatever form it may take.

So far so good with the official 9/11 illusion, which seems to have more miles in it than a Slant 6. It has served the warmongers faithfully for all these years and doesn't even seem worn very much.

If people don't wake up, the illusion will last for generations.

It has already lasted almost one generation.

Babies will be born into the myth and very soon it will be accepted as history. To a great extent the fraudulent story of Sept. 11 is already history and is taught to school children.

 If anyone else did this, Americans would call it brainwashing.

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