Tuesday, October 13, 2015

9/11, Its Consequences, and the Media: Thumbnail Evaluation. October 13, 2015

A few more thoughts about the role of media in creating and maintaining the clusterf___  called the global war on terror.

Both the mainstream, and all but a tiny fraction of the alternative media seem to me to be like a group of guys standing around a car that won't start.

One guy says "We should have replaced the starter".

Another guy says "I'm guilty, I forgot to change the oil."

Another one says he thinks it must be a problem with the radio, another says it's definitely a battery problem, another guy says the dome light seems to be flickering- could that be the cause?

Another guy says he has it on very good authority that the whole problem was a failure in the line assembling the main muffler bearings.

They all argue and call names and blame each other and a few say things like, "Well, I didn't know that something like that could even happen with the stupid muffler bearings. Why wasn't I told?"

Finally, the last guy says that the whole problem has to be that the owner's manual in the glove box is defective, and that a lawsuit against the authors of said manual, the horses they rode in on, and all their heirs and assigns for seven generations, should be initiated right away.

 "And anyway, someone should have read the damned thing", he says- since HE didn't.

This last master of prevarication and deflection then concludes, "But I erred; and I take FULL RESPONSIBILITY."

(Oh, the horror! Full responsibility!)

Presumably, after enough time passes and enough experts are consulted and enough speeches and apologia are made or written, it is somehow discovered that the gas tank is empty. Then a whole new set of recriminations and "Not Me"s begin.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0GNww9cmZPo ==============================================
P.S. Since the above process is apparently meant to go on at least through my lifetime, I may as well do something that actually has an effect, instead of beating my head against this wall any longer. 

I hope I can remember I wrote that.

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