Saturday, November 16, 2013

"No President since has dared to
do the same."

>>(The quote was part of someone's comment on a forum*; I wrote this reply, but due to it being off the article's topic somewhat, did not submit it there. However although this rant can't be fixed, it was too good to throw out. So here it is.)<<

Yes. Fifty years of it. And since September 11, it seemed to get much worse. 

Although both Bush and Obama put on a bold front and have acted the commander-in-chief, I can't escape the strong feeling that they were/are just taking orders- not advice, but orders- from unknown others in the shadows. 

For example, as we all know, Obama campaigned on certain promises having to do with war and with Guantanamo. Immediately after getting in office, he either refused to fulfil the promises which had gotten him elected, or else he tried to do so but was blocked by unknown forces more powerful. 

Also, Congress. Remember Pelosi's famous "Impeachment is off the table" line? 

No good reason, that I know about, although there was the excuse that there wouldn't be the votes. 

But they didn't even try. 

It was exactly as if an order, or a threat, had come down to the Speaker, and to most or all of the senators and representatives, that certain subjects were forbidden, taboo, and would not be tolerated. The three main subjects which would not be tolerated were

 1. Honestly investigating September 11

2 Impeaching George W. Bush

3 Ending the wars on the grounds that they had been started illegally by means of a treasonous crime functioning as a false flag operation to garner widespread support for a war, really a crusade, against Muslims.

If these things had been faced and dealt with properly, our country would have been so very different the past twelve years.

All was enabled, and is still enabled, supported, and facilitated, by the lie about September 11. 

Every week it seems we hear of more killings by drones, or more bombings in Iraq or mass shootings in Afghanistan. 

Periodically we hear of things that are in the news briefly, and then more or less ignored, but which are war atrocities and crimes- the killing of prisoners, the killing of children, the mutilation of bodies, and so forth; rape of the women; torture. 

And the excuse is usually "al Qaeda". For a long time the excuse was "bin Laden" or "Saddam". 

There is always someone who serves as the focus for the two minute hate, or rather, today's American version of it. "Al Qaeda" so and so was killed today, yesterday, tomorrow. 

What American even has a clue what "al Qaeda" really is? I know I don't. 

It is a will o' the wisp. It is the boogeyman. It is the devil. It is evil personified. 

This has been drummed into the minds of Americans for many years now, with little relief or sanity to temper the effect. 

So when the news reporter reads to us another fairy tale, and mentions that another number two or number three "al Qaeda" has been killed, (and by the way a few children and women and animals were blown to smithereens or burned alive at the same time)  Americans, by and large, experience either a slight distaste, at best, which can be shrugged off quickly with a distraction; or they don't care about it at all and don't pay attention; or they like it, and feel a sense of victory, or vengeance, or satisfaction, because another "al Qaeda" has been killed. 

I believe we live in a society where the conditioning about war- and in particular about the wars of the last dozen years- has been so effective and so pervasive that it has, metaphorically speaking I mean, become part of our national DNA. 

It might as well be. Already, the children growing up now are told the fairy tale, and no American public school that I know of dares to teach anything but the fantasy tale about the destruction of the World Trade Center and the other events of September 11, 2001. 

Even the Wikipedia article about the Twin Towers sticks with the story which cannot be supported by evidence or science or even logic, and can be refuted in a number of different ways with relative ease, in fact. 

So how are American students in the many thousands of American public schools going to learn history, or chemistry, or physics, if the fraud about September 11 is perpetuated in the very classrooms where the youngsters are presumably trusting, or hopefully trusting to some extent, the information that adults, teachers, and administrators, not to mention parents, give them? 

The deception of Santa Claus is as nothing compared to this enormous fraud. It is a form of educational child abuse. At least one high school physics teacher has told the truth about September 11 in terms of the destruction of the World Trade Center (David Chandler of AE911Truth), but I haven't heard if he has actually taught it to students in an American public high school. 

But how can students be taught chemistry or physics and history, with the fraud in place? 

It is ridiculous. 

Will the result be the raising up of a generation of little "Hitler Youth", American style, who are taught not to seek facts, evidence, and truth, but to obey and trust authority implicitly and to follow orders and to learn about war and be ready to kill, for money, and for so-called glory and honor? 

To some extent this is happening, I think. It began to happen- in a different fashion, but these times remind me of it- during the Reagan presidency. 

I went back to university for a semester at that time, and was in classes with students born about 1964, and there was widespread affection for Mr. Reagan, and from the students I talked to, no real knowledge of the reality of the Vietnam War, or of the Sixties turmoil in the U.S. 

No, to these students, everything was a new day in America and Grandpa Ronnie was the king and  daddy. ROTC was popular, it seemed.  

Otherwise, the attitude seemed to be "Let's all go get MBA degrees, or get into medical technology and make a lot of money, and that is what they did-  or at least tried to do, and became Generation whatever. I don't know which  "Gen" is which any more. 

With the murder of John F. Kennedy, the evidence from November 22, 1963 is sparse in comparison to the voluminous evidence about September 11, 2001, and I wish we as a nation would take advantage of that.

That is, the Kennedy assassination evidence has been too thin- I mean the hard, confirmed evidence- to prove JFK was killed by a conspiracy, and who was in it.  It has been too thin to prove Oswald did it. 

The proof of any Kennedy theory, if offered at all, has been insufficient. There is only one short grainy low-resolution video,. Evidence was lost or destroyed, etc.  His very brain was stolen and has never been found.

But with September 11, a huge body of forensic evidence is available, and yet, it is almost completely being ignored. 

Even Wikipedia will not give it any credit in its article about the World Trade Center. Many people rely on Wikipedia, so I feel that this is irresponsible, and harmful.

And guess what now? This is spooky. I wanted to find out about the original WTC1 antenna- the data and statistics, and some photos about it. 

So I Googled "WTC 1 antenna", I Googled "World Trade Center antenna", I even Googled  "Twin Towers antenna", and the pages that came up were led and dominated by links to the NEW building, which is now also called WTC1, I guess, and which is apparently one of a proposed two towers, so it is showing up on a search for "Twin Towers".

 My point is, it is as if the history of those two magnificent buildings is being quickly erased, and, not too subtly, replaced by information about the new building. This is similar to a petrifying process, in which, grain by gain, some original thing is replaced by a simulacrum, as in petrified wood or the creation of fossils.

 So it seems that for anyone who was a newcomer to the WTC subject, or who didn't read beyond the first few page hits, it could be very confusing as to which buildings were which and what happened and what is there now. 

As time goes on, fewer and fewer people will know, or care, what happened to the original Twin Towers and the thousand people who were vaporized within them in a quarter of a minute. 

Instead, it will be the "Freedom" tower, coincidentally given the same title of World Trade Center Tower One, so that it is easy for a young person, or a relatively uninformed adult, to confuse the two, and forget all about the old Twin Towers. 

Sorry, your comment set off many thoughts, and I probably should have written all this as a separate comment, but thanks for setting off my thoughts. I always come back to the 9/11 issue, which probably annoys people even here- I know it annoys people in my "real" life. 

But to me, it is necessary.

 It's like the old story of Androcles and the lion. 

What if Androcles had done everything BUT pull out the thorn? What if, instead of pulling out the thorn, he had gathered up an army and gone and attacked another tribe, to avenge the lion for its pain? 

Androcles, had he done that, wouldn't even have a story. 

We like the story because Androcles was smart enough to pull the thorn out, and didn't waste time doing everything but that. 

Well, if America is the lion, the thorn is September 11, and it has been festering, and has been ignored while everything else is tried, for twelve years. 

The only thing that will change this country to what it needs to be is a reversal of public opinion, based on accurate knowledge, about September 11. 

Otherwise we will go on and on until we are a bankrupt country where everyone owns guns, or until we are brought low by some apocalypse, nuclear, ecological, or other kind.

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