Monday, October 28, 2013

Wars, Drones, Suicides, NSA, Economy, What Are We Gonna Do?

Who knows? But here is a program that could be tried. Just some suggestions.

1. The World Trade Center was blown up

2. It's 100% certain; don't waste any more time on the angels on pins issues.

3 The mass of the American people don't know it yet, so, because it is very important, ergo
4 They need to know.

5 Then they will realize or start to realize that the whole GWOT was a setup from the first day and the drone program is part of the same nasty thing.

6 If people realize that, there will be calls for more investigation and charges filed. Power players in many areas, notably the media forces, will finally begin step in on the right side of justice when it looks like they have a chance to show off.

7 This can begin to happen only if the American people care enough to take the time to look at the evidence. Start with five hours. A small amount of time, compared to years of war. See the new, top-notch, highly revealing five hour story of 9/11. People should really find out about it.

8 As long as the American people think the official story and the whole pack of lies that followed it are true, we have no choice but to continue to put up with the drones, war, suicides, murdering foreign children for no reason but profit, and other awful things. The key is getting Sept. 11 straightened out in the American brain. That is the sine qua non of national recovery in any area, drones and everything else. Sine qua non means without it you've got nothing.

9 So tell everyone you know that the Trade Center was definitely blown up and that this has been scientifically proven. Because that is the truth. It has been proven. Be prepared to back it up with some facts. You don't need to know all the facts, no one does. Get some good ones though. But remember, don't get in arguments. You can't win a 9/11 argument. But a some readiness is easy if you spend a little prep time. Don't argue with them. Just let people know. Tell them about the new documentary. Seriously, people will watch it and it will reach them. It is made to reach them. Try it.

10 Everything else tried for 12 years has not worked. Consider that.

11 This method might. The other choice is to go on as we are.

12 Good luck. Be confident, if what you say is true.

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