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9/11 Demolition: How They Did It Part 1

Working Draft 1 Not yet Complete 

How They Did It.

(faint, hesitant applause, and two people coughing a little too often... "Ahem. Thanks to that movie- you know the one I mean!-  and many others. I will accept the first, though I hope it is not the last, 2013 Howdunit Award now....
" Ladies and gentlemen-....

(Wakes up with a start "What a crazy dream!")  

Here's basically what happened.  Many thanks to all the researchers whose prior work enabled me to come to these conclusions.This is a working hypothesis and brand new, to me anyway, and a first draft, so be patient, it's not all figured out yet.

1.  V cuts on the vertical steel in the core columns. Stable until hit by side force. Also use of shaped charges for 45% cuts where desired.

 2  45% cuts on any horizontal beams (WTC 7 anyway; this would  not work on the bar trusses in the Towers the same way)

         Either or both techniques or similar ones could have been used to prepare the hat truss, which was reportedly never found in recognizable form.

3 Remove the four bolts holding the column/spandrel units together at their every third story junctions, which are five or six feet off the floor and have access panels. Remove four bolts each such joint, leave some, leave corners for now.

4 Everything- you could do the whole building-  is stable if you do it correctly, until the floors are blown up. Then it all comes down in a big powder puff.
5. Towers: the reports of heavy equipment, like steel-wheeled very heavy dumpsters. Think pre-op. Think bug hydraulic jacks for stability when making cuts through big steel. (followed by judicious use of shims or steel wedges)

random notes and conclusions

If you have a box or I-beam column-0 that is vertical- and make a V-cut, all the way through, it can go nowhere unless it first is moved sideways far enough to fall out of its V notch. A horizontal I-beam can be cut with a 45% cut all the way through and stay in place, secure as long as nothing pushes it sideways, and additionally, if nothing pulls on it. 

Now, as for the bar trusses, they may well have been needed to , when the core columns are pushed off their seats as part of the finale, pull the outside columns in to initiate the collapse at the "seam" where the worst damage was up high.  The documentary shows an animation of this possibility.

Somehow those trusses were destroyed. 

I can't find them in any rubble pictures. 

The fireproofing could very well have been a high tech explosive.  It would melt and fragment the trusses perfectly in fact, and were  they ever found? 

Or the ceiling tiles could have been explosive sheet.  It is possible. 

But I still lean towards all high explosives, most in the core,and more or less standard techniques of demolition. 

Now DEW, not nukes, but certainly some kind of thermite and a lot  of it- the site was so hot for so long something very serious was happening most likely a compacted unquenchable collection of ongoing thermitic reaction in a matrix of molten and almost molten steel, as so often reported, except there ware no reports of underground thermite reaction per se,  However it could have been something similar. 

I believe there had to have been an ongoing chemical reaction to provide all that heat since most of what was in the towers was fireproof or fire resistant anyway, so an explanation is needed about all that heat. 

 Maybe the filmmaker is making a sequel about this whole subject. It's the next step. This is journalism of the highest caliber, this movie is.

note: Why didn't we see a lot of explosions, or relatively few, on the outside, if it was a controlled demolition?
 Because the 4 bolts of many of them had already been removed and there was not need to blast them. 
    The perimeter walls as a whole were a kit before, and would be a kit again, when those bolts were lost long before the dreadful day. "Got to check the phone wires inside this panel, just take a minute"

     But I think the V cuts and 45 cuts are the key.   But LOTS of them. Think about it. You could cut the whole building up into a thousand piece that way,  and NOTHING whatsoever goes wrong until you blow the floors. Get it?

 It's elegant as hell.  And I mean that literally.

This is how they did it. 

You just have to be familiar with remodeling, and how to place a few little wedges, and understand that gravity works down, but explosives work outward from the point of detonation, and you will do fine.

Oh and at the exterior walls, every three stories they go around the room and pull off the panels and take out the four bolts, almost everywhere, and put the covr back on and nothing would happen. But when the floors get blown, it comes down like pick up sticks. I think I've got something here.

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