Thursday, February 18, 2016

Jewels of the Zora Pool 2

The photograph above is from a series of photos of small pieces of wood, a series which became this basis for the 26 images below. 

Those 26 images were also made into a video:

Jewels of the Zora Pool 2 - YouTube

VLC Media Player Tools was used quite a bit, as well as FRAPS, Auto Screen Recorder Pro, and Screenhunter Pro. The main VLC tool used was Mirror Image.
The images are presented here as a companion page to the related video on YouTube, which uses the images in dynamic fashion.  
Beneath the gallery is a note about techniques and software used.

 When the video was completed and tweaked and re-tweaked, it reminded me of the Zora's diving game  in "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time". The water effect, the colors, and  the shimmery lighting effects, all  reminded me of the jewel-like Rupees under the surface of the Zora pool.

So I borrowed the soundtrack from Aivi Tran's version of Koji Kondo's beautiful Zora's Kingdom theme. I hope the imagery does justice to the music, and that Aivi won't mind that I borrowed  it. It just seemed right. 

p.s. Jewels of the Zora Pool 1 and Jewels of the Zora Pool 3 are on the way. Same music but different imagery, from the same photo set of 26.

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